Featured image of post CRATalk #3 科学计算入门之初识Linux

CRATalk #3 科学计算入门之初识Linux

CRATalk #3 Introduction to Scientific Computation (Getting Started with Linux)

CRATalk #3-0 科学计算入门之初识Linux



  • 基于Command Line / SSH操作文件与文件夹
  • Linux装机必备软件的使用
  • 在高性能集群上安装软件
  • 脚本与配置文件的编写与修改
  • 查看计算机的状态与在机器间传输文件
  • 网上冲浪与建站



  • 时间:2021年5月9日 15:00-17:00

  • 地点:第二教学楼 205

  • 主讲人:关浩(计算机科学工程系博士生)

CRA Talk #3 Introduction to Scientific Computation (Getting Started with Linux)

Starting this Sunday, the Computing Research Association and the Supercomputing Club will join forces with the Center for Scientific and Engineering Computing to present a series of courses on the fundamentals of scientific computing to help you get a better introduction to scientific computing, as well as to explore the more possibilities of Linux systems!

In this Sunday’s lecture, we will focus on the introductory use of Linux. Through this lecture, we hope that you will gain an understanding of the following.

  • Command Line / SSH based manipulation of files and folders
  • Use of Linux installation essentials
  • Installing software on a high-performance cluster
  • Writing and modifying scripts and configuration files
  • Checking the status of computers and transferring files between machines
  • Surfing the web and building websites

During the seminar, we will prepare a Linux operating environment for you, and students who are interested in Linux are also welcome to try to install WSL and other Linux environments, and our team will assist you throughout to ensure your learning experience.

Workshop Info

  • Time: 2021.5.9 15:00-17:00

  • Location: Teaching Building 2-205

  • POC: Hao Guan(PhD students in Computer Science)


Workshop-Website: https://mirrors.sustech.edu.cn/site/introduction-to-scientific-computation/

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